Menya Sandaime

Building on the 24 hour Russell St corner in the CBD, Menya Sanadime has opened next to Stalactites and offers an asian option to late night cravings post partying/clubbing/shenanigans. An unassuming traditional Japanese shop front, a sign boasts 24 hour service, though I chose to dine at a respectable hour. Inside, you are greeted with Irasshaimase from all … More Menya Sandaime

Chef Lagenda

After asking my Singaporean friends for their recommendation in regards to a good place to eat Singaporean cuisine, Chef Lagenda popped up. Of course Melbourne has no claim to ever be close to the beauty of hawker-style food (and the price is about four times more expensive), but Chef Lagenda will do as we all … More Chef Lagenda

Tan Lac Vien

Going against my rule, we paid $29 for this Scoopon deal for two at Tan Lac Vien but I was pleasantly surprised. The restaurant was largely empty though it was dinner on a Wednesday night, but we didn’t let that deter us. There were a fair few different dishes we could choose on the menu, … More Tan Lac Vien

Little Ramen Bar

Always on the search for a good hearty ramen in Melbourne, I found out about this tiny shop a few years back, but recently revisited it to double check their standard. There is often a queue forming outside the door but they shuffle you through quite quickly. On this occasion we opted for an outside … More Little Ramen Bar

Miss Chu

After trawling the interwebs for Nahji Chu’s famed story (you know, the one which could be turned into a movie, or used to inspire a generation of Asian-Australian girls searching for greatness and motivation) I am even more impressed at her development of her restaurant chain business. Miss Nahji Chu’s story is one too familiar … More Miss Chu

Pho Hung Vuong 2

I am quite a regular fan on Vietnamese Pho Soup Noodles but never really know what the restaurants I frequent are called (I just look for the chicken and cow head on the window), I had quite a bit of trouble finding out the name of this new Pho contender I was recommended.  Luckily, in … More Pho Hung Vuong 2