Kong BBQ

  Kong welcomes you into it’s Korean x Japanese arms with a brightly lit semi-communal dining space set in Richmond (across the road from Top Paddock). The staff are incredible helpful, friendly and keen to recommend their favourite dishes. The chefs cook in front of you at an open bar, and the dishes are smashed out, eager … More Kong BBQ

Le Bon Ton

Le Bon Ton Bloody Mary: Ketel-one vodka, house-smoked tomatoes, char-grilled capsicum, fresh citrus and Old Bay seasoning, house pickle juice, jalapeno hot sauce and a splash of red wine ($18.0). A very fancy Blood Mary with many layers, though ultimately slightly sweet for my liking, and definitely not thick enough. I quite enjoyed the Chili … More Le Bon Ton

BBQ Throwdown – Newmarket Hotel vs Hellenic Republic

The semi-annual BBQ Throwdown, hosted by Newmarket Hotel and featuring a worth contender (Kong last year, Hellenic Republic this year) is an event I am super psyched to attend each time. A $85 buy in buys you a six course meal from the BBQ Gods, unlimited EtOH in the form of wines, beers and cider, … More BBQ Throwdown – Newmarket Hotel vs Hellenic Republic

Operator 25

You can identify Operator 25 in it’s little CBD lane by the massive queue of asians standing outside on a brisk Melbourne morning. Yeah, the wait is worth it. They nail the asian-fusion in a brunch style in a way it hasn’t been perfected before. Make sure you walk inside the door to put your … More Operator 25

Duchess of Spotswood

Duchess of Spotswood is a well known brunch eatery for anyone who passes by or lives/works in the Westside. Despite its distance, I have travelled there in the past to experience the fine-dining-at-brunch style food. The flavours are refined, and well thought out, and the dishes are very carefully put together. Prince of Wales ($19.50) … More Duchess of Spotswood

Masons of Bendigo

Masons of Bendigo kicked off our 24 hour food frenzy in the beautiful town of Bendigo. They are a beautiful establishment, with high ceilings and bright lighting. The wait staff are efficient, polite and the manger is enthusiastic about his work and the locals. They cater to dietary requirements with ease and extra servings for … More Masons of Bendigo

Captain Melville

Captain Melville was a suggestion from a friend who is a fellow eating enthusiast, and what makes him even cooler, is his capacity to indulge my ability to over-order and over-eat. So, we ordered a lot of food this sitting. Captain Melville is placed on the old Miss Libertine’s site, and as I’ve heard, is … More Captain Melville

Fat Duck Melbourne

After a lot of shenanigans regarding the allocation of seats and subsequent scalping on ebay (yes, the opportunity to eat at the Fat Duck is going for around 1k, and on TOP of that, you then pay the price of the meal) I was left despondent and disappointed – I had not been offered a … More Fat Duck Melbourne

Merchants Guild

When I drove past Merchants Guild randomly I got so excited there was a potentially great brunch place on that side of town, which I could call on when needed. I waited in line whilst the café buzzed with customers eating their delicious food and wished they would all hurry up so I could similarly … More Merchants Guild

Tivoli Road Bakery

Tucked away on a nice road, Tivoli Road in fact, this bakery is a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of Chapel and Toorak. They stuff their sandwiches full of gourmet fillings and offer all sorts of tempting pastries. Despite getting rid of their delectable cronuts a while ago, Tivoli Rd still manage to … More Tivoli Road Bakery