Cutler & Co.

A beautiful night at Cutler & Co will set you back $130 per person plus a $100 service charge. It’s expensive, but it feels so right. To celebrate a special occasion here will definitely be remembered by all members of the party. Cutler is a set out in a few different ways, a bar-style seating … More Cutler & Co.

Rockwell & Sons

You know you won’t go too far astray with a restaurant that has a pig as its sign-age, and the fact they pay homage to the Sunday roast on Sunday by having a massive porky roast. /drools. But that’s not what we’re here for today folks; this is just the humble dinner. That being said, … More Rockwell & Sons

Belles Hot Chicken

Belles Hot Chicken used to be Belles Hot Diner until they realised that fried chicken is all a person REALLY needs. Now their menu is slick, stripped back and it’s fried chicken to perfection. It very much still resembles an American Diner, but with the lights down low and a little more moody. Seating at … More Belles Hot Chicken

The Flour Market

Waking up early to join the already impressive line outside the Fitzroy Town Hall at 8:45am on a Sunday morning was totally worth it for my carb-starved body. But here are a few tips for the seasonal Flour Market, held in various (hipster) locations in Melbourne. Bring cash only – do not look a fool … More The Flour Market

The Kodiak Club

Having never heard about this place, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome! It is definitely more of a pub-drinks kind of place rather than restaurant, but it does have a nice American-style diner feel about it. Great atmosphere and the food speaks for itself!   I ordered a Kodiak Caesar “The better Canadian version … More The Kodiak Club

Hammer and Tong

Hammer and Tong is a brunch place I have long wanted to try – without really knowing why. Perhaps it was all the positive feedback from word of mouth, or a subliminal message delivered to my stomach; nevertheless I finally got round to visiting the tucked away shop off Brunswick St (the door is tiny, … More Hammer and Tong

Big Lou’s Donuts

I remember when the first Melbourne Krispy Kreme store opened in 2006; it was met with dedicated KK donut runs with tedious queues, all just to sink your teeth into that glazed shell covered donut. It  promised the feeling of America and made you feel “like a man with blue eyes, kissing a girl with … More Big Lou’s Donuts