A lovely unassuming cafe tucked away in the quieter part of Brunswick East, Milkwood looks like a small cafe, seating a handful of tables. However, once directed to the back, ‘through the French Lattice’ we are greeted with a well lit urban eating space which is charming and comfortable. The Chocolate Malted Milkshake ($5.5) is … More Milkwood

Impresso Cafe

A random little cafe near Flagstaff Gardens, it’s an easy place to pick up a decent sandwich during your lunch break. Quirky wooden benching lining one wall, and a nice selection of exotic coffee, breakfast fare and pre-made sandwiches to choose from. Salami Ciabatta ($7.0) as much as I dislike salami/find it the more processed … More Impresso Cafe


When walking through this crazy cool café’s entrance, I couldn’t help feel like I was back in Melbourne. A massive old school trailer is parked in the hallway, where they serve take away coffee and cake to eager beavers throughout the week. A bit further in, there is a beautiful display cabinet of cakes and … More Cortille

The Stables of Como

This beautiful reinvented stable building at the back of the Como gardens is an incredibly tranquil and calming area to eat brunch or settle down for a scone post garden-wander. Upon entering, you are greeted by a display of cakes and sweets stretching the length of the room, it’s pretty difficult to not want to … More The Stables of Como

The Pour Kids

Guest Post by That Girl. Saturdays are fantastic days to make plans for and have them all fall through on account of once again not realising how inherently lazy you are and how thoroughly you will sleep in. Yes, once again, I find myself having brunch after midday one rainy weekend morning. Saying brunch when … More The Pour Kids

Oscar Cooper

Guest post by That Girl. I’m calling it, jaffles are the new burger. … No? No one else? Okay, haha jokes! Jaffles are probably going to come and go and we’ll all realise we used to own a jaffle-maker and have the ability to make these toasted sandwiches at home. I might need to go … More Oscar Cooper

Jam & Cream

Beautiful whimsical place tucked away in Heidelberg Heights, a friend recommended this scone focused eatery and I jumped at the chance (I do love scones!). The quirky decorations and tempting trinkets that lined the entrance only made Jam & Cream seem all the homlier. It was a very nice touch. As was the pink caravan … More Jam & Cream