Mary’s – Sydney

In a bar called Mary’s, you better believe their Bloody Mary ($18.0) represents. Served with grilled cheese and a crispy slice of bacon, you couldn’t really go wrong. The actual drink tastes like a meal, a bacon meal; and is suitably thick but slightly sour given the alcohol counterpart.   The mash and gravy ($5.0)  was like … More Mary’s – Sydney

Mr Beebes

Mr Beebes is a beautiful converted house front in Bendigizzle which serves up quality dishes done well. High ceilings and open plan dining at wooden tables gives off a relaxed bar-vibe despite the impressive menu selection. The staff are friendly and graciously accept our Asian requests to take group photos. I appeal to my inner … More Mr Beebes

Hell of the North

Hell of the North and its famous yellow door had been recommended to me incredibly frequently, and when I finally made the booking, more gushes of “I’ve heard that place is amazing” came my way. The interior is a maze of rooms which house a various amount of heavy wooden dining tables, pub style round … More Hell of the North

Carlisle Wine Bar

This unassuming small-fronted restaurant on Carlisle Street has the mood lighting turned up, without feeling too sleazy and dark. Furnished almost entirely in wood, it definitely resembled a British pub where you could drink your life away. Luckily they served food.   Their Bloody Mary ($15) was not too bad, a thinner version with not … More Carlisle Wine Bar

The Kodiak Club

Having never heard about this place, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome! It is definitely more of a pub-drinks kind of place rather than restaurant, but it does have a nice American-style diner feel about it. Great atmosphere and the food speaks for itself!   I ordered a Kodiak Caesar “The better Canadian version … More The Kodiak Club

Golden Fields

My return to Golden Fields was with a voucher I had received from my beloveds for Christmas AND it was for my birthday dinner celebrations; and so my friends, we went to town.   The décor is pretty hip(ster) in this place, very minimalistic with a massive mirror down the end which works to extend … More Golden Fields

Parlour Diner

I decided to visit Parlour Diner in Windsor as part of my quest to verify and/or find the best burger in Melbourne. Beatbox is still at the top of my list, with Royce Hotel’s The Amberoom, Huxtaburger and Mr. Burger following. Collin’s Kitchen was also pretty good but they have since departed the list. When … More Parlour Diner