Shandong Mama

Shandong Mama is a popular dumpling house inside Bourke St Arcade, always with a (largely asian) crowd gathered outside it’s glass windows. They are cash only, don’t get caught out! Each dumpling is handmade lovingly by ‘Mama’ Wang, the co-owner and mother of the other half of Shandong Mama, daughter Ying Hou. Naturally dumplings aren’t the most … More Shandong Mama

Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds is quickly becoming my most favourite brunch place. They have a seasonal rotating menu which always boasts at least two or three things I desperately want in my belly. And dat hot choc. Don’t even get me started on that pinnacle of hot chocolate ($4.5). That hot chocolate to rule all hot chocolates. … More Seven Seeds

Masons of Bendigo

Masons of Bendigo kicked off our 24 hour food frenzy in the beautiful town of Bendigo. They are a beautiful establishment, with high ceilings and bright lighting. The wait staff are efficient, polite and the manger is enthusiastic about his work and the locals. They cater to dietary requirements with ease and extra servings for … More Masons of Bendigo

Belles Hot Chicken

Belles Hot Chicken used to be Belles Hot Diner until they realised that fried chicken is all a person REALLY needs. Now their menu is slick, stripped back and it’s fried chicken to perfection. It very much still resembles an American Diner, but with the lights down low and a little more moody. Seating at … More Belles Hot Chicken

Merchants Guild

When I drove past Merchants Guild randomly I got so excited there was a potentially great brunch place on that side of town, which I could call on when needed. I waited in line whilst the café buzzed with customers eating their delicious food and wished they would all hurry up so I could similarly … More Merchants Guild