Shandong Mama

Shandong Mama is a popular dumpling house inside Bourke St Arcade, always with a (largely asian) crowd gathered outside it’s glass windows. They are cash only, don’t get caught out!

Each dumpling is handmade lovingly by ‘Mama’ Wang, the co-owner and mother of the other half of Shandong Mama, daughter Ying Hou. Naturally dumplings aren’t the most photogenic of foods, so I will intersperse my words with choice images. So far I have tried a fair few of the dumpling offerings at Shandong Mama – each one completely delicious and full of flava flav. I would return there as my go-to dumpling place whenever I’m craving a hit in the city.


Fish Dumplings ($16.8 10pc): mackerel filled mixed by hand with coriander, ginger and chives into a mousse-like filling. Delicious x1000, I loved the texture of the fish filling, sort of like a fish cake but softer, inside a thin dumpling skin.


Prawn, Black fungus and chives Dumplings ($14.8 12pc): chunks of prawn with chopped chives and black fungus, with pork mince for texture and flavour. Also an incredible dumpling, very tasty and moreish.


Melbourne Boiled Dumpling ($14.8 12pc): an interesting blend of ‘the lot’, diced seafood and chicken mince, lemon rind, parsley and garlic. As good as it sounds, the flavours weren’t as pronounced as advertised. But still a good dumpling.


Silken Tofu with Century Egg ($6.0) is a nice light dish which truthfully, you could make at home, but the great combination of peanut oil, light soy and century eggs on a whole plate of tofu, is something I can get behind.


I tried the Homemade Milk Tea ($4.0) which is the Shandong equivalent of the Thai Milk Tea, except not as thick, sweet or creamy. It’s still tasty, and quenches the thirst, but I prefer the latter.


TL;DR My go to dumpling place!

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