Mr Miyagi

Among the many amazing eateries on Chapel St, Mr Miyagi stands out as a modern Japanese fusion restaurant. The line snakes out the door, and the wait time close to 90 minutes, however it is a favourite I will keep coming back to. The setup consists of high bar stools and a smattering of tables, and a very generous alcohol selection. Come travel with us, as we try almost every dish on the menu!


The Hello Kitty Sour ($16.0) cocktail consisted of a sweet and perfect mix of lychee, citrus and egg white served in a swirl glass. It was exactly what I was craving to begin the night.


After an extra order of edamame was placed incorrectly at another table, we were offered this (Daiso) box of blowtorched soybeans sprinkled with shiso salt. They were devoured quickly, given they were pretty tasty and good to whet the appetite.


The Wagyu Tatare Pipe ($7.0) was filled with beautiful tasty rare 7+ wagyu beef, peanut butter, Korean miso, capers, sesame and wrapped in spring roll pastry. These little rolls were bursting with flavour and I loved the chilli salsa served on the side.

The stars of the show, the infamous Mr Miyagi Nori Taco ($12.0). These amazing nori shell crispy tacos were stuffed with grilled salmon belly, sushi rice, spicy napa cabbage, Japanese mayo and chilli oil. Oodles of good stuff in a black taco shell. Love it so much.


The salmon and avocado Happy’s Hand Roll ($18.0) was ultimately just another sushi roll. They were delicious but expensive for what they were. Obviously, the salmon and avocado flavours went well together, as did the spicy sriracha mayo. I would probably avoid these as there are better things on the menu to fill your bellies with, unless the special of the day is extravaganza!


Wafu salad with aonori rolled tuna ($15.0) was a well marinated salad which consisted of refreshing green beans, bean shoots, cucumber, crisp garlic and sesame. The tuna was well seared and crumbed with a nori spice, but given the sparcity of pieces shared between several people, I think it was a boring choice when there’s better on menu.


Korean BBQ Pork Ribs with sticky baby back sauce ($8.5) was expertly cooked so the meat fell off the bone. It was a very fatty cut, but the sticky sweet sauce complimented the decadence very well.


I’m not sure what gravitated us towards the Tuna tataki pizza ($17.0), but it was definitely a very strange dish. Rare seared tuna, yuzu caesar cream, heirloom tomatoes and shaved jalapenos on spiced flat bread, came off like the dish was trying way too hard. The flat bread was over crispy, so quite hard to bite into, compared to the softer toppings. The tuna was tasty but didn’t sit very well with the jalapeño and tomato.


I will always get a ceviche fish dish if it is on the menu. The Kingfish ceviche ($18.0) consisted yellowtail kingfish, cucumber, ruby grapefruit, coconut panna cotta, red sorrel and young ginger dressing. I believe if this dish was shared between two, it would have been slightly easier to taste. However, as we split this amongst four, I felt there was just too many flavours. We had to attempt to try each piece of the dish, and then all together, without hogging it too much so the others missed out. The kingfish was nice and infused with citrus, but the addition of all the other parts was quite difficult to differentiate over the strong sour grapefruit. I did enjoy the coconut panna cotta though, which I thought was tofu cubes.


Crisp beef brisket ($18.0) beetroot puree, beetroot relish, pickled shallot, dashi kale, golden potato. The fried kale was probably the best part of the dish, I found the beef slightly overcooked and dry and while the beetroot was sweet, the dish was slightly off balance each bite.


Now on to my favourite part. The Pumpkin Toast ($16.0) is normally something I would never touch, but luckily my dining mates were wiser. White chocolate and pumpkin ganache, honeycomb, yoghurt sorbet and spiced pumpkin ice cream, surrounding a slice of battered pumpkin toast. The flavour of pumpkin was muted and subtle and beautiful in all the right ways, with a mix of salted caramel, rich honeycomb and yogurt to cut through the warmer flavours. I loved it.


The Chocolate Mess ($18.0) is a chocolate lovers dream, boasting milk chocolate panna cotta, Valhrona chocolate ganache, lava salt, orange oil, kinder surprise ice cream and miso chocolate fudge. It definitely ticked off all the texture boxes, and each flavour of chocolate was subtly different. A technical dish.


TL;DR I’d return for my MFC, Fish Tacos and that AMAZING Pumpkin Cake.

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