Bourke St Bakery – Sydney

Long my favourite destination whenever I visit Sydney, Bourke St Bakery is a small corner store situated in the lovely, upmarket Surrey Hills, producing multitudes of gorgeous pastries, both savoury and sweet. There are a fair few seats and tables outside, but be prepared for a queue to order your food, and to get a table – it’s definitely a weekend favourite to sit and enjoy the fresh air and smell of coffee.


Beef Beer and Bacon Pie – their version of the Shepherd’s Pie, you could taste the beer which was fantastic. I love their pies


Beef Brisket Mushroom Red Wine Pie – A chunky beef brisket Pie with plenty of filling, not as standout as their Beer and Bacon Pie

Bacon and Gruyere Quiche – a cheesy, eggy quiche with bits of bacon and melty gruyere throughout


Dark Sour Choc Cherry Cookie – a hard texture, solid cookie that was delicious

Pear Danish – A nice flaky danish with soft sweet pears, perfect for a breakfast snack

Ginger Creme Brulee – their famous gooey ginger creme brulee tart, a creamy brulee filling and a burnt sugar top where the syrup will leak from these shortcrust tarts if you don’t eat them straight away. It’s kind of the best.


White Choc Passionfruit Meringue Tart – fluffy peaked meringue topping a passionfruit curd filling, I barely tasted the white choc but it was still pretty darn good.


Pear Rhubarb Muffin – I loved the consistency of this muffin, it wasn’t overly sweet and there were chunks of both fruit present


Bourke St Bakery Iced Chocolate Milk in a bottle ($4.5) – I was drawn to the sticker, but was also not dissapointed by the contents. An intense chocolate milk that isn’t too bitter. I loved it, though it is on the pricier side.

TL;DR A must hit in Sydney.

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