Oscar Cooper

Oscar Cooper is in prime position along busy Greville Street, nestled amongst art galleries, retro clothing and quirky stores. The line is a common sight, with people packed into the small space in front of the fireplace (where the jaffles of the day are written), but trust me, the wait is worth it. Wait staff are generous and open, intent on serving you efficiently but in a friendly manner.
The hot choc ($4.0) was subtle in flavour and sweetness, making it very easy to drink.
The Ice Choc ($5.5) was a lot of ice. The ball of vanilla ice cream was nice but this definitely needed more choc sauce, as it was mostly milk.
Oscar’s Benedict on potato roesti, smashed avo, poached eggs and tangy hollandaise with house cured salmon ($19.0) was heaven incarnate. Holy mother of mercy, that hash brown at the bottom in all its fried glory, incredible, better than maccas’ and THAT’S saying something. The yolky, creamy hollandaise and those eggs cooked perfect. The stuff of daydreams.
Breakfast bruschetta of two poached eggs on ciabatta w smashed avocado, spicy tomato salsa & salted ricotta + chorizo and a side of bacon ($18.5 + 2.0) was a brilliant combination of taco-fillings, without envoking Mexico. The crunch of the bread and the juicy chorizo were back burners to the perfectly seasoned salsa and smashed avocado. Those shavings of parmesan on top really finished off the dish as well.
Who can resist those Nutella donuts ($5.0) sitting at the counter when you get up to pay? Definitely not me. Soft pillowy donut with a generous dollop of nutella on top and all the way through, this donut screamed EAT ME as I tried to stop myself snorting up the icing sugar. It’s not the best donut I’ve had, but it sure was enjoyable anyway.
TL;DR Bloody good brunch in Prahran.

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