Saint Crispin

The much loved St Crispin was finally visited for a special occasion and did not disappoint. Just be aware, when you book for a group, and people do not show, they WILL enforce the cancellation rule, thus our remaining members of the party chose the seven course tasting menu ($130) to make up that cost whilst also getting food in our bellies.

Butter and creamy spread of salted fried onion on fresh house made bread. It salty and delicious and was gone before we knew it.

The amuse bouche was a delicious Japanese custard, pickles and coriander seeds. It was a light creamy savoury pudding and the hit of vinegar tang refreshed the tastebuds.

Salt roasted celeriac, goats curd and celeriac cream, apple crumble, dill. Beautiful sweet notes of apple and roasted celery came together in this dish delicately. The crunch and texture was introduced with caramelised almonds. For a starter it was a delicious light introduction to the meal to come. 
Raw tartare of kangaroo loin with Australian blood plums and caviar. I think this was my favourite dish, altogether it was sweet and crunchy and each bite tasted fantastic and full of meaty flavour. When the plate was described, I was definitely surprised, and I definitely I didn’t expect the flavours to work so well together.
Bread and butter groper, olive cream, black rice and sweet onions. The groper flesh was amazing, full of flavour and tender. The earthy tastes of the rice complemented the olive cream to add a base for the fish.
Crisp pork jowl, shitke mushroom and miso. I felt like I was eating in heaven. Perfectly cooked pork with a crisp fatty crackling, sitting in a balanced miso that was thankfully not too salty. The vegetables cut through the dish, and though I would have preferred another radish or two as it got a bit salty in the end without, it was a fantastic dish all round. 

Pan seared wagyu, watercress paste, zucchini flower stuffed with olive creme. Tender cut of wagyu beef with a very green tasting paste to balance the flavour. The olive creme was quite strong, and the zucchini flower tasted quite confronting, like you were eating a plant. Despite that, it all came together nicely.

Because we were taking too long to eat, we were moved outside to start our dessert courses, it definitely was not as dressed up as the inside, and felt more like where the staff take a smoko break.
Fresh Strawberry, freeze dried strawberries, strawberry soil, strawberry sorbet and goat cheese was a nice first dessert. The freeze dried strawberries were pretty cool, light as air and crispy; the sorbet was tangy but sweet and altogether it was a strawberry lover’s dream.

Chocolate custard, creme fraiche icecream, chocolate crumble, kumquat. A deep chocolate mousse with custard that was lifted by the cold hit of ice cream. A nice heavier finish to the desserts and meal.


TL;DR Gorgeous, high quality fine dining. Don’t piss them off and cancel without telling them.

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