Mrs Kim’s Grill


DSC02026Korean BBQ has never been my favourite as I always end up hungry, smelling like smoked foods and forking out a lot of money. That being said, you can’t deny the just-cooked delight of meat on a grill in front of you. Enter Mrs Kim’s in Carnegie (which used to be an epic all you can eat Korean BBQ for a student fare of $25 – good times); it’s a long a shopping strip of multitudes of Korean restaurants, so you know it has to be semi-decent when you have to book in advance and watch a lot of sad faces get turned away through out the night.

There are a fair few meats ready to be ordered from the menu, or you can opt for Mrs Kim’s Grill Set Menu For Two which features selected meats from a specific animal plus some delicious sides.


Oink Set ($39.0) – Chilli Pork Belly (250g) & Pork Neck Fillet (150g) with Smoked Salmon & Onion Salad, Butter Vegie Parcel, Seaweed Soup of the Day and Rice for two.

The pork cuts were quite nice, I especially liked the chilli marinade which brought more flavour to the tender meat. That being said, it is important to note, the set menu for two is NOT filling. We had to order another two cuts of meat from the menu to satisfy our stomachs.


The Salmon Salad had three pieces of smoked salmon, doused in a vinaigrette and a salad consisting of about 20% rocket leaves, and 80% onion. We chose it because it was probably the most expensive salad on the menu due to the smoked salmon.


The Seaweed Soup of the Day was served in a generous pot, filling about three to four bowls worth of soup. It was simple, and probably full of MSG, but I enjoyed it nevertheless.


This little pot of buttered vegies was bordering on pathetic. There was a big lump of butter (good) but then one piece of broccoli, one cauliflower, a few mushrooms and that’s it. They should at least have given two pots.


The rice comes in a little tin which is about one bowlful. It just about whets your appetite for more.

TL;DR Nice Korean BBQ but again, pricey. The set menu for two isn’t filling at all.

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