Chanced by this lovely cosy shop front on the way down Swanston Street. By chanced, I mean my nose dragged my in, hook line and sinker. If there’s one thing I cannot resist, it’s freshly baked pastries, in this case, WAFFLES!

DSC02342If you can resist the smell for a while, you’ll notice PUNZ and a nice simple menu offering waffles and ice cream, teas and coffee. All you need in life really…


I ordered the Deluxe Waffle (cos I’m baller like dat) Raspberry conserve with België White Chocolate and a scoop of vanilla ice cream ($4.0 + $3.5). It was very nice, though very expensive. They’re served warm, and have a slightly sugared crunch exterior. There isn’t an awful lot of toppings, so I would probably skip this due to the cost. The vanilla ice cream was of good quality though.


And then the Original Traditional Liège Sugar Waffle ($2.8) because we had some ice cream left over, which was delicious as expected. Sugary, fluffy, sweet waffle dough disappeared into mouths quick smart.

TL;DR A good option for a quick treat in the CBD, but beware the price.

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