Set in a hip gutted out warehouse style concrete decorated building, Hobba evokes an image of pram-moms who come with their very young children and sit and catch up over coffee. It is, after all, highly spacious, and one of the few cafes in Melbourne which can afford to do so.
The Pea and Halloumi Fritters s/w Istra slab bacon, fried egg, Sun-dried tomato pesto and dressed leaves ($16.5) were definitely not my favourite brunch dish; the fritter felt too much like a dense doughy pancake rather than a crispy package of deliciousness. That being said, it went well with the salad, egg and crispy bacon. It was quite a standard fare and not very spectacular, if that’s what you’re going for at brunch.
Bubble & Squeak Rosti
Wholesome rösti topped w/ brown butter hollandaise w/ a side of roasted tomatoes, fried egg & juicy cured bacon slab on sourdough ($18.5). The rösti was quite sweetly sour due to the carrot and spring onions cooked into it, rather than your normal carb-heavy potato rösti. The hollandaise was quite nice and creamy with a touch of lemon but again nothing special.
Alpha Feast
Southern style slow cooked pulled pork served w/ two fried eggs, fresh alfalfa salad & pear cider reduction hollandaise ($18.0). The southern style was nice flavour change to normal pulled pork dishes, but the alfalfa didn’t seem to match the dish very well. I believe avocado would have been a better choice.
Wolfpack Bite
140g porterhouse steak sandwich, spicy horseradish mayo, tomato relish, aged cheddar & rocket served on foccacia bread w/ a side of onion rings & beer battered chips ($18.5). The sandwich was definitely an unexpected win. The steak was slightly on the rarer side of medium rare but the whole construction was tasty nonetheless.
The winner here was the Large Chips ($8.0) or beer battered fries, which is both sad and expected at the same time. The chips were insanely crispy and flat to maximise the crunch – quite nice. But there was no aoili. Wtf. (pictured is Mayo. BEH!)

A hulking mug of Bloody Mary ($14.0) – quite thin and definitely not spicy enough.

A very artistic shot of a Cappuccino ($3.8). I am told it was “good”,

TL;DR Didn’t enjoy this brunch at all, especially not for the price

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