East Elevation

Welcome to kit & kafoodle’s 100th post!! Huzzah! As a celebration, we have levelled up our website to better suit our direction and view on food and eating, and are in the midst of changing to our new location of www.kitandkafoodle.com – it is all very exciting, so thank you all who have remained on the journey, and to everyone new joining us to eat, eat, eat!

East Elevation is hidden behind an unmarked red door on Lygon St, and you will often wonder if it is closed or not, bracing yourself for disappointment as you push open the door, wondering whether it will open to expose it’s treasure inside. Luckily, it usually does, and you are welcomed into a relaxed and well lit warehouse style chocolate factory (it’s true, look to your left!).

Getting down to business; Full Breakfast ($20.0) poached eggs, sourdough, pork & sage sausage, Skars charred thick bacon, oven-dried tomato, spinach and kasundi. Never a fan of Big Breakfasts, I was pleasantly surprised at how kick-ass that thick cut bacon made it. And the kasundi picked tomato relish. The sausage is tasty and the sourdough tastes great. This is Take 1.

This is the Big Breakfast on Take 2; a whole different day, a whole different experience. Namely, the bacon came out fried to a crisp, and the tomatoes – wilted and pathetic. To East Elevation’s credit, when we enquired about this change of pace, they graciously brought out a plumper less burnt bacon slice, which was very good of them.

Hands Down my favourite dish at East Elevation, the epique Croque Monsieur, free-range ham, Swiss gruyere, mustard, bechamel & braised leek on sourdough w/ a green salad & cornichons ($20.0). This thick cut sandwich hugeness is slathered with gruyere cheese and toasted to melty perfection. Inside hides good quality ham cuts and the sourdough that isn’t too sour! The salad gives a nice colouring, and offsets the ham/cheese heaviness, but wow. Blow away.

Excuse the un-inspiring photography of the Harris cold-smoked Salmon Crème fraîche Crepe w/ apple, caperberries, dill & a poached egg ($18.5) but trust me when I say this dish was quite sublime. Very delicate, like the perfectly thin crepe which encased the shreds of smoked salmon mixed with crème fraîche. It made you feel prim and proper, petite and pampered, but also so very, very delicious. Take that Year 12 alliteration.

Hot Choc ($5.0) – hearty but slightly too bitter for my liking
Spiced Bloody Mary ($10.0) – satisfactory, sweet and thin; and Iced Choc ($5.5) – good amounts of icecream and chocolate sauce mean it’s not too watered down from the ice or milky.
Braised Lamb Shoulder Pie ($19.0) was a special of the day, sort of like a home-made twist on the Shepherd’s Pie. It was really quite delicious, and I’d definitely order it again if it re-appears on the menu. The lamb was plump and stewed in its own juices which turned into gravy, combined with carrots and potato. The side salad was even more interesting, with the addition of dressed brussel sprouts and radish. A true demonstration of the prowess behind the kitchen at East Elevation.

Special Peanut Butter Hot Choc ($5.4) – still quite a bitter hot chocolate, and the peanut butter didn’t add a lot of sweetness to it; I’d stick to the normal hot choc; and Iced Choc ($5.0).

The Otway Pork Belly & Roasted Pears w/ lentil, cherry tomatoes & radicchio salad & apple puree ($21.0) was a strange dish. It was very heavy due to the lentil base, and while the pork belly was tasty and succulent, I feel there were way too many flavours going on in this dish. The consistency of the apple puree an lentils made it feel very gluggy, like a stew, and not very brunch-y.

Whoopee Pie! ($5.0)

TL;DR Fond memories and that thick cut bacon make for good brunch. mmmmm. do it.

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