The Park Hotel

Way out west in Werribee, there was an unassuming pub encased in an upmarket shell on the corner of main street. The Park Hotel was its name and gastropub was its game, and boy did it play that game well. The menu is simple but plentiful, the serves are huge and the desserts cause much desire despite the fear of the waistline.
I wanted to try a lot of the dishes, but luckily I didn’t because the Parma w/ double smoked ham, napoli, mozarella, fries & salad ($22.0) was a gigantic serving. On top of that, it tasted delicious; tender chicken breast with copious amounts of robust napoli sauce and stringy mozarella. The fries were amazing, crispy fried fluffiness and they threw in a pot of aioli. The salad was not the main attraction, but complemented the dish with a green colouring and the pretence that you had your serve of vegies for the night.
The barstaff had never made a Bloody Mary ($6.0) before, and for their first time, they pretty much nailed it. Not too sweet, but not overly thick either, The Park Hotel’s first Bloody Mary was the perfect amount of spice and deliciousness.
TL;DR Actually considering driving back there…

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