Pho Hung Vuong Saigon

I really enjoy Pho and thus actively seek it out, and I’ve found that of all the chains, Pho Hung Vuong seems to be the most consistent across all stores. Identify them by the massive cow and chicken head on the sign.

I’d always recommend getting the Prawn Spring Rolls ($8.0), they are crispy, perfectly fried and taste amazing. Wrap them in that there lettuce leaf, dip it in the sauce and omnomnom your way to bliss. I prefer these over the pork ones, which have a very gamey taste to them.

And then the Pho. The Raw Sliced Beef Pho ($9.0), ask for raw beef and when it arrives, separate the slices and watch it cook in the piping hot broth. It’s kind of the best. Thin rice noodles with a hearty broth. Simple but delicious. You can change up the ingredients too, adding beef brisket, tripe or other vital organs of animals; but if you’re not game, tried and true beef or chicken is the way to go.

TL;DR Good Pho in a suburb with an abundance of Vietnamese restaurants

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