Hinoki Japanese Pantry

If you are ever needing beautiful Japanese food or produce in Fitzroy, Hinoki is definitely the place to go. Decked out with a sushi bar and small eating area at the front of the stall, and followed with a well-stocked imported Japanese grocery, it is a dream to wander the aisles and choose what to add to your cupboard.

Nigiri & Nosé Maki Mix ($15.0)

The raw fish is sweet and melts in your mouth. The freshness of the ingredients they use and the perfect delicate balance they achieve is truly delectable.

Nose Maki & California Roll Mix ($13.0)

The salmon with aoili and tobiko was delicious of course, with lightly vinegared carrot and soft sushi rice. If their sushi roll mix of raw salmon, avocado and crab meat were not enough, add in some tamagoyaki cubes and you have yourself a winner.

TL;DR A go-to Japanese eatery and supermarket when you are in Fitzroy.

Hinoki Japanese Pantry on Urbanspoon


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