Mr Beebes

Mr Beebes is a beautiful converted house front in Bendigizzle which serves up quality dishes done well. High ceilings and open plan dining at wooden tables gives off a relaxed bar-vibe despite the impressive menu selection. The staff are friendly and graciously accept our Asian requests to take group photos. I appeal to my inner … More Mr Beebes

Duchess of Spotswood

Duchess of Spotswood is a well known brunch eatery for anyone who passes by or lives/works in the Westside. Despite its distance, I have travelled there in the past to experience the fine-dining-at-brunch style food. The flavours are refined, and well thought out, and the dishes are very carefully put together. Prince of Wales ($19.50) … More Duchess of Spotswood


Meatmaiden is of course, the (little) sister (daughter) restaurant of Meatmother in Richmond. It is by no means, a small joint. That underground hideaway is a big maafakka, and because we went down on a certain public holiday where you aren’t meant to eat meat, it was pretty empty. I highly doubt it is like … More Meatmaiden

Colonel Tan’s

Ah my beloved teenage years spouting angst and staring starry-eyed onto the mini-stage at Revolver. Those steep-ass steps which got you nice and sweaty before the main act is even near coming on. Hipster dancing to the Inches. Good times. I hadn’t stepped back into my past for a good eight years, until I was … More Colonel Tan’s