Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds is quickly becoming my most favourite brunch place. They have a seasonal rotating menu which always boasts at least two or three things I desperately want in my belly. And dat hot choc. Don’t even get me started on that pinnacle of hot chocolate ($4.5). That hot chocolate to rule all hot chocolates. … More Seven Seeds

Rockwell & Sons

You know you won’t go too far astray with a restaurant that has a pig as its sign-age, and the fact they pay homage to the Sunday roast on Sunday by having a massive porky roast. /drools. But that’s not what we’re here for today folks; this is just the humble dinner. That being said, … More Rockwell & Sons


Tucked off the hippest street in Albert Park, Kamel is a moroccan inspired eatery which welcomes you warmly into its arms. The decor is quaint, and the setting, cosy and intimate. Their menu is jam-packed with middle eastern stars that scream out at you, and I find myself getting lost for choice. salmon tartare  / … More Kamel


When walking through this crazy cool café’s entrance, I couldn’t help feel like I was back in Melbourne. A massive old school trailer is parked in the hallway, where they serve take away coffee and cake to eager beavers throughout the week. A bit further in, there is a beautiful display cabinet of cakes and … More Cortille

Bistro Vue

I am often found wandering the city late-ish at night, trying to find a dessert to satiate my stomach post-dinner (and/or first dessert). One of my qualms with the CBD is the lack of dedicated dessert cafes or restaurants, or the ones which are present, being ridiculously overpriced, or not even coming near what I … More Bistro Vue

Masons of Bendigo

Masons of Bendigo kicked off our 24 hour food frenzy in the beautiful town of Bendigo. They are a beautiful establishment, with high ceilings and bright lighting. The wait staff are efficient, polite and the manger is enthusiastic about his work and the locals. They cater to dietary requirements with ease and extra servings for … More Masons of Bendigo

Hell of the North

Hell of the North and its famous yellow door had been recommended to me incredibly frequently, and when I finally made the booking, more gushes of “I’ve heard that place is amazing” came my way. The interior is a maze of rooms which house a various amount of heavy wooden dining tables, pub style round … More Hell of the North

Belles Hot Chicken

Belles Hot Chicken used to be Belles Hot Diner until they realised that fried chicken is all a person REALLY needs. Now their menu is slick, stripped back and it’s fried chicken to perfection. It very much still resembles an American Diner, but with the lights down low and a little more moody. Seating at … More Belles Hot Chicken