Cupcake Central

Cupcakes were all the rage a few years back (before the epic wave known as the Macaron took over) and plenty of cupcake shops can still been seen trying to take back the town. One of my more respected cupcakeries is Cupcake Central, a relatively new now-chain who change their innovative flavours with the seasons … More Cupcake Central

Carlisle Wine Bar

This unassuming small-fronted restaurant on Carlisle Street has the mood lighting turned up, without feeling too sleazy and dark. Furnished almost entirely in wood, it definitely resembled a British pub where you could drink your life away. Luckily they served food.   Their Bloody Mary ($15) was not too bad, a thinner version with not … More Carlisle Wine Bar

The Stables of Como

This beautiful reinvented stable building at the back of the Como gardens is an incredibly tranquil and calming area to eat brunch or settle down for a scone post garden-wander. Upon entering, you are greeted by a display of cakes and sweets stretching the length of the room, it’s pretty difficult to not want to … More The Stables of Como

Beatbox Kitchen

Fond memories surround my first encounter with Food Trucks, the anticipation during the drive out to whatever northern street housed the van and the satisfaction of seeing the decorated van at the end of your journey. Beatbox will always hold a special place in my heart due to this reason, but their burgers hold a … More Beatbox Kitchen

Miss Chu

After trawling the interwebs for Nahji Chu’s famed story (you know, the one which could be turned into a movie, or used to inspire a generation of Asian-Australian girls searching for greatness and motivation) I am even more impressed at her development of her restaurant chain business. Miss Nahji Chu’s story is one too familiar … More Miss Chu

Trunk Diner

On a decidedly gluttonous (glorious) whim, a choice was made to pop into Trunk Diner for a pre-dinner dinner… a cosy greenhouse style building tucked near the top of Little Bourke housing American style food, which welcomed our stomachs with fat (friendly) open arms. I snapped up the opportunity to order the Gaytime Shake ($8.0), … More Trunk Diner


So to celebrate the ‘official’ opening of Pho24, a renowned chain straight from Vietnam, a decision to tempt the masses with free Pho or Banh Mi for a day was made! Despite being open for several months, I wasn’t complaining and let my Asian focus on free-things senses guide me. Now, there was a lot … More Pho24

The Pour Kids

Guest Post by That Girl. Saturdays are fantastic days to make plans for and have them all fall through on account of once again not realising how inherently lazy you are and how thoroughly you will sleep in. Yes, once again, I find myself having brunch after midday one rainy weekend morning. Saying brunch when … More The Pour Kids

Red Kite x UXC’s EAT STREET at The Sofitel on Collins 2014

Welcome to our first joint post between kit&kafoodle and That Girl! This event has been on our to-do list for some time, ever since we first heard of it through an acquaintance. Year after year, we somehow missed the opportunity to purchase our tickets and each time, we stared mournfully at people’s photos and read … More Red Kite x UXC’s EAT STREET at The Sofitel on Collins 2014