Danny’s Kopitiam

Sitting on a busy suburban road’s shopping strip, Danny’s Kopitiam is unassuming and simply furnished. This wouldn’t be first date material, unless your date is totally into amazing quality and authentic Singaporean and Malaysian Hawker cuisine. Danny gets the job done with his made-to-order dishes and his stream of loyal customers walking through the doors makes that incredibly clear.
Fried Kway Teow chilli level “pretty hot” (Flat rice noodles wok-fried with prawns, squid, fishcake, egg and bean shoots $13). This staple dish is a good way to judge most restaurants who serve hawker-style dishes. Danny’s kicks ass. Though the smoky charred flavour isn’t as evident in his noodles, the flavours of this Kway Teow cannot be denied. The dish itself is quite pale in colour, compared to some other Kway Teows which are much darker and sweeter due to the amounts of dark sauce added. This one is traditionally Malaysian, so is much more savoury to eat; the way I like it. There are copious amounts of prawn, squid and fishcake and the bean shoots add a nice hearty crunch to the meal. I can’t get enough of this dish and the only downside I would have to say is the price relative to other Kway Teows which sit around $8 – 10. The price however is easily justified by Danny’s welcoming smile and eagerness to make your experience of waiting for take away a good one, offering tea and the paper whilst you wait. Service with a smile.
TL;DR Worth the drive into suburbia for this hawker gem.

Danny's Kopitiam on Urbanspoon


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