Acland St. Cantina (dessert)

This is about the fourth time I have walked down the narrow stairs to the Cantina, sat myself down and ordered their dessert taco.


The Salted Caramel Ice Cream Churros Taco ($14) is a dessert I’d travel for, and there are only a few things I’d travel for (read: Beatrix and Messina). The last few times I’ve been to Cantina I have shared this deceivingly small dessert with others, and it has always been fantastic. I am sure I could smash this down by myself, but would definitely feel sickeningly sweet-ified afterwards.
This dessert is good for you in all the bad places. Fantastic salted caramel ice-cream, churros done right – soft on the inside, crunchy fried on the outside (just cooked in a circle shape thus the ‘taco’) and caramel bits and crushed peanuts to chew on happily. Damn I love this dish.

TL;DR This is the real deal, baby.

Acland St. Cantina on Urbanspoon

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